Unique savoir-faire

Vineyard and Terroir Knowledge


The savoir-faire of H.Cuvelier&Fils comes from their excellent knowledge of the terroir thanks to, in particular, their family-owned estates :

  • Château Léoville Poyferré,
  • Château Moulin Riche,
  • Château Le Crock.

Having mastered the art of wine for generations, H.Cuvelier&Fils selects the best wines and assures you a savoir-faire that only comes from experience.

Historically, H.Cuvelier&Fils began their activity by dealing with fine restaurants and wine shops in France.  Today, they work with a demanding clientele in France and on the export market, providing highly reliable information on the production and marketing of Bordeaux wines.

H.Cuvelier&Fils assures you optimum quality analysis and dependable follow-up on shipments. H.Cuvelier&Fils is also exclusive distributor of selected Bordeaux wines.